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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 20, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> we have update on the philadelphia police sergeant still in the hospital. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. first what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. philadelphia police are looking for a hit-and-run driver, who left a man critically injured in rhawnhurst overnight. >> they do believe they found the striking vehicle, and they were able to catch up with that car, with the help of eyewitnesses. >> authorities are searching for motive in series of bombings in new york and new jersey. police arrested ahmad khan rahami. >> former president george h.w. bush, a republican, will not confirm or deny reports that he claims to vote for democrat hillary clinton.
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>> kevin james, billboard over there, kevin james, i've got a billboard over there. kevin james has got a billboard over there. >> that's too many for kevin james. >> kevin can wait. >> kevin can wait. >> are you sure i want to do this? it look like -- >> got a long way between the c and the e. >> yes. >> need a really big h. >> it has to be a really big h. >> just remember, this is totally worth it. >> that was james cords on trying to row claim the billboards that once advertised his late late show. >> he was all in his covert garb out there in the middle of the night. justin, on the skydeck, what's it feeling like? pleasant when i left this morning. >> i had on a coat. >> awed coat on, wow, okay. i would say it is warm out. but i'm a guy that doesn't wear a coat even in the wintertime. >> thank you, thank you, justin. >> you know, i think it is still muggy outside. feels little like summer. it will be like that really for the next several days. talk about warm temperatures,
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at least it is dry, not dealing with the heavy rainfall like we had yesterday. of course welcome rain. exception is maybe the shore, sees a shower later this morning into the afternoon, but storm scan3 looking whole lot quieter, still clouds over us, i'm seeing the moon here in center city so the clouds breaking up little bit. watch out for few areas of fog. specially north and west of the city right now. and that's going to be the trends really through the morning, and then things will improve by late morning, into the afternoon. 60s to about 70 degrees right now for the air temperatures currently. zoom into some suburbs, finding low 60s, in quakertown, 65 in doylestown, this hour. but see little sunshine, today, that will warm things up. breaking down your school planner, the ride into school, 71 degrees, from the bus stop, and then lunch recess looks to be in good shape, 79, some sunshine coming home from school. it will be nice afternoon, if you like warm temperatures. on the way up to 84 degrees for philadelphia, still clouds, at the shore, maybe shower, 76, lots of sun in the poconos at 79. we will talk about how long these 80s last, coming up in the seven day forecast in just
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a few more minutes. but weaver to check on the traffic conditions with meisha, good morning. >> good morning, lets december. that will let's take a look outside what we are dealing with. so, we have an accident here. pulled offer to the shoulder. fifty-nine north near business route one. not going to slow you down too much yet. but you can see, quite a lot of vehicles starting to wiz by, it is only 5:30, still very dark out there. just a heads up for you in that area. schuylkill in the eastbound direction past king of prussia. you can see certainly starting to heat up here. still traveling around 55 miles per hour, hopefully i can keep you there until we crack the 6:00 hour. we'll see what happens. this looks typically heavy like we see on monday and tuesday. southbound direction looking okay, then let's jump on to the schuylkill westbound, around city avenue, starting to get little busy there overall. so i would say overall looking like typical tuesday, but it is starting to heat up. just make note of that if your headed out the door in the next 30 minutes or so. also, where we had construction this morning, now clearing, 59 north between
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ridley park and 420. for awhile there getting really heavy. i was telling to you give yourself extra 30 minute or so. right now starting to ease tension, downed pole, route 130, that right lane still block, jim, over to you. >> one of the officers hurt in friday shooting rampage in west philadelphia is talking about the ordeal. >> u pen police officer ed miller also says he's ready to get back to work. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live outside penn presbyterian medical center where the second officer could be released today. justin? >> reporter: brooke, good morning, her name is sergeant ville via young, she could be home in a matter of hours. had he loved ones and fellow officers are looking forward to her return home and of course her recovery. now, looking now at philadelphia police sergeant sylvia young, the officer patrolling in west philly 18th district last friday night. close to 11:30 p.m. she was parked by 52nd and samson street where police say suspect nicholas glenn ambush her, from the driver side of
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her cruiser, firing 18 shots in all, striking her in her left shoulder, arm, and torso. and then on monday, our very first look at u pen police officer edward miller, at police benefit honoring him and young. miller joined philadelphia officers on foot pursuit term shoot-out with glenn, police say, glenn shot miller in his hip and leg and four others, two men and two women, one woman later died. miller ex philly officer was row least from the presbyterian sunday, he says he's grateful for the support he's felt and is pulling for sergeant young. >> ask about her as soon as i got in the hospital. and i went to see her before i left. i wish her the best. and she definitely dealt with more than i had to deal with. >> and, back live as you heard, officer miller did visit sergeant young on his way out of the hospital yesterday, rather, sunday, and again, sergeant young could be home as soon as today, police say they also found a note,
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they a tribute to glenn, which he expressed his disdain for law enforcement officer, and his intent to harm him. brooke, jim, back into you. >> new this morning, philadelphia police believe this vehicle was used in a hit-and-run accident, that left a man critically injured overnight. witnesses say the accident happened in the parking lot after wells fargo bank at the corner of bustleton and blie about a mile away investigators found 2010 white chevy in the 7,000 block of rutland street. the car's windshield had heavy damage. >> well, the time now 5:36. in business news this morning, runway models are now stepping out in cross-examine. >> and we'll show you what investors and analysts are waiting for this week. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange. jill, do you own krocs? >> no, dow not. >> i didn't think so. >> but maybe i need to get a pair? good morning. brooke, jim, invest remember
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in a bit every holding pattern ahead of today's two day fed meeting, the dow fell two-point yesterday, the nasdaq dropped nine. tomorrow we will find out if the they had thinks the economy is strong enough for interest rate hike. most economists think the feds will wait until after the november election. ceo of wells fargo will be questioned today on capitol hill, john stump expected to apologize, to customers and congress for the scandal at the bank. regulators satisfy wells fargo workers created millions of fake bank accounts in order to meet the sales goals and get bonuses. paying more for premium gas could be a waste of money. triple a says research found premium gas does not increase horse power or fuel economy, especially if your car is designed to run on regular gas. also doesn't reduce emissions, premium gas can cost 50-cent more per gallon. and anna winter might be rolling her eyes, crocs have made their runway debut, designer rolls out rhinestone covered crocs during london
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fashion week, come in different colors, vogue says they are quote suddenly weirdly absolutely roddick justly sheik. so, brooke, would you wear them? >> , no you know better that n that. >> i wouldn't even wear them. >> i like comfortable shoes and i wouldn't even wear them. >> no! >> i'm sure the super models were happy, though, right? >> very comfortable, right? >> not just hungry, they don't know what they're doing. >> they're not hungry. >> give them pizza. >> and they don't care what they're footwear is. >> thank, jill. all right, moving on, authorities are still trying to figure out what motivated a man to allegedly carry out a series of bol action in new york and new jersey. >> after violent shoot-out yesterday, police arrested ahmad khan rahami in linden, new jersey, the 28 year old now faces attempted murder and gun charges, he's being held on $5 million bail. federal prosecutors may also
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file terror charges against him. as always, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the terror at home. we'll bring you you the un dates on tv and on our website >> in campaign 2016 less than a week to go before their first debate, presidential nominees hillary clinton and donald trump are attacking each other over terrorism. yesterday clinton said trump as anti-muslim rhetoric is wreckless and helps isis recruit new fighters. she accused him of giving aid and comfort to terrorists. meanwhile, trump said clinton and her policies of secretary every state were responsible for turning isis loose on the world. he said he supports profiling foreigners who look like they could have connections to terrorism or certainly middle eastern nations. >> a democratic politician says former president george h.w. bush will vote for clinton. kathleen hard inning ton town sends is the former maryland lieutenant governor and daughter of robert kennedy.
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she posted a picture of herself with the 41st president on facebook. the post reads. the the president told me he's voting for hillary. the president spokesperson told his vote is private and he wouldn't comment on the race. >> well, some trump supporters are complaining that facebook a cracking down on changing user names. some supporters added deplorable to their facebook profile names. they consider the badge of honor after clinton use that word to describe some trump supporters, but facebook terms of service require using real names. it has asked people who added deposition more tonight their profile names to change them back. well, you may have also noticed slight change to twitter. >> the social media site is giving users a little more space to type. photos, videos, polls, and more, will no longer impact the 140 character limit in a tweet. often took up most of the space. links, however, will remain part of the twitter account.
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but quoted tweets, they'll get 140 characters. still ahead, an important recall involving a popular breakfast food. we'll tell you what you need to look for to know if you're affected. >> also ahead, no laughing matter comedian jim carrey is named in a lawsuit over the death of his former girlfriends. we'll tell you what he's saying about it. >> and men and women, lying down at pennsylvania's capitol building. take a look. we'll tell you about the legislation they're hoping to see passed, we'll be right
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> justin bieber and sophia richie over. the bieber and lionel richie's youngest daughter been seen a lot reese lengthly, on vacation, spending her 18th birthday together. now it is over. and according to "tmz", it wasn't that serious to begin with. she's newly 18. he's 22. and it sound normal. >> jim, you care. you care, jim donovan. >> uh-huh. >> i know you do. hey, jim carrey actually facing a lawsuit over the 2015 suicide of his girlfriend white. white's estranged husband, at the time of her death, accuses carry of wrongful death and i will legally obtaining the painkillers she swallowed as well as covering up the circumstances of her death.
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carry released a statement calling the lawsuit, quote, terrible shame. >> got to tell you, virginia governor terry mcauliffe is deflecting criticism over a photo of him and country legend willie nelson. nelson's wife, annie, tweeted this picture, and eagle identify viewer spotted a can of willie's reserve on the table between the men, you know what that is? that's nelson's brand of marijuana. which is illegal in virginia. a spokesman for the governor says mcauliffe is, quote, cool, but not that cool. he says the governor has never used drugs. >> that was a good response from him, you have to give him credit for that, but you do have to watch out what you're sending out on social media. >> and caring something illegal to being cool. >> ya. >> okay. >> one meyer best friends growing up he actually saw willie on a plane, sat next to him, talking to him. >> willie nelson is definitely cool.
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>> so cool, yes. cool to talk to. >> mars to his own drum. >> he does, he does. >> good for him. >> how old? he's 09? how old is he? >> oh, i don't know. >> eighty? >> i don't know. >> because he looks a lot younger than he is. i think that's like -- he does. you don't think so? >> we have to move. we have to move. >> asker far as age, i'm amazed. >> it is interesting but now the produce letters probably get mad at me, justin, wasting time, now i have to fly through my wetter. >> i'm sorry. >> that's all right. i can deal with t outside right now check it out, 67 degrees, looking at palmyra cove nature park new jersey across the river, tough to see the skyline there. so, little bit of clouds and fog depending on where you are this morning, so that could be an issue for driving. we could be dealing with lower visibility, but, things will improve into the afternoon. and you know check out what's happening with the weather watchers, this hour, currently looking generally mid to upper six 60s, still somewhat on the warm and muggy side. check it out. head out to central jersey
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here, ed connor mostly cloudy skies, 68 degrees. pretty much similar no matter where you are. down to delaware muggy. jason, at 67, in middletown. and again up to north and west of the city, barbara lane in willow grove. also checking in the mid 60s this hour. so, again, there you go. it is warm, it is muggy right now, still clouds over us right now, check it out, just kind of clouds lingering over the delaware valley. we will get breaks. don't expect whole lot of sunshine today. but few breaks i think are possible. couple of showers, not out of the question, across far southern new jersey into delaware. now the dew point temperature running really high right now, for this time of year, mid 60s, so that still feels steamy. we got to get you there today, get better tomorrow. feels little more comfortable. the reason you can see all of the green area, that is the moisture content way up in the atmosphere, stuck over the delaware valley. areas in orange dry air, waiting on the dry air of the west to move eastward it, will happen over the next 24 hours, going through time today.
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lehigh valley, poconos, decent day, skies really start to clear out nicely tonight and tomorrow. look at the overall pattern, jet stream to the north, we are warm, all the way through friday, but watch what happens. little drop in the jet stream. this is typical for september. that is going to bring some fall like conditions for the second half of the weekend. today still feeling like summertime, 84 degrees, muggy, tonight clear and mild at 68. extended forecast, sunshine, back to the dry pattern, low mid 80s through saturday, 70s for sunday, monday. meisha, what's the latest? >> justin, taking a peak outside, good morning, we have an accident out there. accident in bucks county, 59 south near business route one. it is blocking that left lane for awhile there just shoulder now the left lane. seeing a loft crews out there, too. so absolutely will slow you down, another one this morning. that will slow you down where you want to give yourself extra 20, 30 minutes in this areas as well. i'll keep my eye on it, squeezing by but getter gaper
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delay, every moment that goes by more vehicles headed naught that direction. fifty-nine south at cottman, looking pretty good evening around the s curve seeing brake light go off. overall looking good right around the cottman avenue. we do have some fog here, 422, taillights moving in the eastbound direction, this is at valley forge, so both eastbound and westbound sides, looking actually pretty good. i would say maybe heating up little bit. see penndot wizzing around the camera peaking at what's going on. also construction her in jersey route 42 both directions between 295 and route 544, we have traffic shift there, meaning lane shifts going on there, same story here, 295 both directions between route 42 and route 168. again, some lane changes there. and i got more for you coming up in about ten minutes, jim, over you. >> thanks so much, meisha. before breakfast check your freezer, there is recall on popular waffle brands about 10,000 cases of eggo nutri grain wheat wheel waffles have been recalled in 20 states, including pennsylvania, pennsylvania and delaware, watches contaminated when listeria. recalled waffles are in ten
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count packs. they have best if used by date of november 21 and november 22, 2017. now, there are no reports of illnesses so far. but keg old's -- kellogg's is asking consumers to throw away the affected products and is offering full refunds. >> demonstrators showing their support for bill that could increase awareness for life saving organ transplants. hundreds every zero organ donation supporters staged a die-in on the capitol steps showing how many people have died waiting for organ tran plants. bill would increase public education and strength ever out site of donation. more than 8,000 people are on the organ waiting list in pennsylvania. cafeteria employee quit her job after just few weeks offer over something she calls lunch shaming. >> stacey used to work at an elementary school near pittsburgh. now, she quit after she was forced to take hot meals away from two children. the reason? a policy that requires hot meals be replaced if student
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parent owed $25 or more to the district. for older children, there is no replacement, they get no lunch. >> his eyes weld up with tears. i mean, i'll never forget his name, the look on his face. >> well, stacey said she later ended up throwing away the hot lunch she had taken away because of other policies. the superintendent says parent are notified weekly about lunch balances and the policy is about collecting money owed. >> so the lunch went to waste? >> yes. >> oh. >> still ahead, hear from congressman john lewis as essay warded the liberty medal. >> still ahead, how you can own a piece of harry potter's worm. we'll tell you the asking price of this home, also tell how some of the neighbors are when we come back. katie mcginty: franny, johnny, mikey, maureen, jimmy, me, and colleen...een, all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few.
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i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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>> harry potter fans, listen up. >> my little sister sent me a text at 1:00 in the morning about this, boyhood home is up for sale. the famed home is on the market. it is in the suburban town of backville, outside london. you know, fairly nice neighborhood, jim. what do you think? it also includes this
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neighborhood, at the windsor castle and the uk prime minister's home. >> i would say it is nice neighborhood. >> but cost 620us dollars, that's less than i would expect for the neighborhood? no. >> i don't know about london prices. >> all right, that works for me. >> congressman john lewis is civil -- civil rights icon of course, just awarded the liberty medal in philadelphia. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> congressman lewis accepted the honor before a crowd at the national constitution center last night. the 76 year old has a long history of fighting for civil rights. he was repeatedly threatened with violence, and arrested while working for the right to vote in the jim crow south. even shared the stage with doctor martin luther king, jr. as the march on washington. we made a lot of progress we come a long distance, some say nothing has changed.
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i say come walk in my shoes. and i will show you change. >> now, con man lewis has represented george's fifth district since 1987. >> welshing we will get an update later today on the renovations transforming philadelphia's love park. >> already been six months since the love statue was moved. you know, that happened last february. plans also include a complete make-over for the city visitor's center in the shadow of city hall. you'll soon be able to imagine the completed project with a inter-active rendering, at today's update. >> and the city hall beer garden will be the seen of tonight's culture in the courtyard, summer finale. tonight the featured entertainment is the philadelphia gay men's chorus. there will also be inter-active art activity courtesy of philadelphia coloring book project plus mobile beer and food trucks to supply refreshment, it is free, and runs from 4:00 until 9:00 tonight. we like free. >> exactly. we will be right back. stay with
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>> is a man is fighting for his life, and the search is on for his hit-and-run driver.
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>> four hours, how long it took to catch the new york and new jersey bombing suspect once he was identified. we'll breakdown what we know about the suspect this morning, and, show you what's next, in the investigation. >> all aboard the wednesday wagon, a prime time win over the bears. tell a look at what helped the birds to the victory. today is tuesday, september 20th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. justin and meisha taking a look at things this morning, good morning to both of you. >> good morning, roads are looking good but very busy this morning. the good news is not dealing with the rain. >> and drying it out again, back it the dry pattern, so we could use little more rain. yesterday was the first time since september 1st, kind of dreary. >> yes but needed


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